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Rent space at the Northwest Music Hall for your next event. From weddings to conferences to concerts, the Northwest Music Hall is an ideal location for your next event.

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I am a duly authorized agent of the applicant. As part consideration for the permission to use the above described Snohomish County Music Hall facility; the applicant and I agree to comply with all Event space Policies and Procedures as set by the Snohomish County Music Hall. Further, to the extent permitted by law, the applicant and I do hereby agree to release, indemnify and forever hold harmless the Northwest Music Hall, its commissioners, directors, officers, employees, and representatives from all liability, claims, losses, damages, or expenses (including expense of litigation) resulting from any actual or alleged injury to or death of any person or from any actual or alleged loss or damage to any property caused by or in any respect resulting from the applicants admittance or activities at the facilities described above. The applicant and I do hereby agree to limit said activities to the specified facilities and will return the premises in a neat, clean and undamaged condition and further agree to reimburse the Snohomish County Music Hall for any damage arising from the applicant’s use of said facilities. The applicant and I agree to abide by all lawful rules, codes, laws and regulations in connection with its use of the said premises. The applicant and I agree that during the use of the Snohomish County Music Hall’s facilities described above, we will not exclude anyone in the participation in, deny anyone the benefit of or otherwise subject anyone to discrimination because of the person's race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or handicap. I have read and understand the foregoing.

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